ASRI provides a wide range of Rubber-Metal bonded products with the help of our professionals. These parts are manufactured with our expertise and knowledge with advanced technology using quality rubber. These bonded parts can also be customized as per the requirements of clients and are available in various specifications. Moreover, these bonded parts are used for the manufacturing of distributor valves. We offer both, standard and customized Rubber-Metal bonded products at reasonable prices. These have very high resilience properties, abrasion resistance, good impact resistance, and excellent durability. We manufacture these products with the best quality.

Rubber to metal bonding is an essential procedure used in machinery to avoid noise, vibration and add an extra edge to the smoothness during the functioning of the machine. It is a generic process taking over various interdependent processes. These rubber bonded units are then used in automotive and engineering applications. Larger units are used depending on the size to decouple translational movement for bridges and buildings.

Rubber to Metal bonded components are used in engineering applications, for a very long time because of their unmatched properties. There are numerous engineering applications of Rubber Components, where the rubber is used as a composite, with metal or fabric, as a reinforcing agent.

Rubber and metal can be glued to each other by an adhesive, but the strength of the process is not adequate for engineering applications. The majority of machinery requires high bond strength as the primary requirement.

Applications of compounds are common in automotive, oil/gas, electrical, and appliance industries. They are used for adhering rubber to metal plates, engine mounts, instrument handles, door seals, rollers, connectors, hoses, valves and insulators. Reliable, tough formulations enhance soundproofing and vibration control. Specific grades seal against organic solvents, seawater and boiling water.

ASRI is manufacturing rubber bonding components for the last four decades. We provide customized rubber-metal products as well.


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